Femmoto 2006: Sunday

Becca and I weren’t riding on Sunday due to afternoon flights, but we still wanted to hang out with the rest of the girls. We all got up early and headed back to the track. Kristina and Yosh needed to sign up for their days’ bikes, so Becca, Jason, and I sat on some of the motorcycles while they stood in line.

Me on a Ninja 650R:

Becca on a 636:

Me on a Ducati Sport 1000:

Soon it was time for our gals to get on their bikes and begin their sessions. Becca and I hung out trackside photographing. For session 1, Kristina was riding a Buell Ulysses (one of her favorites), and Yosh rode a Buell Firebolt.


I didn’t get a non-blurry photo of Yosh, unfortunately. Silly Track A with its long fast straightaway!

In between sessions, Kristina and I got to rub noses with the Femmoto elite, as we were invited into Bonnie’s RV to meet her greyhounds! Accompanying us was Jan Plessner, PR director of Kawasaki Motor Corporation.

Jan and Bonnie:

Ooooza widdle puppydogs:

It’s one of my favorite things about Femmoto that even us mere mortals can hobnob with the industry movers and shakers that help make events like this possible. *purr*

Session 2 brought Kristina and Yosh back to the track, this time on silver Kawasaki Ninja 650Rs. Both of them reported liking the 650R, echoing many of the reports and articles I’ve read about the bike.

Yosh (neon leathers) and Kristina (right behind Yosh):

For a final huzzah to Femmoto, I wandered to the Icon tent, where I found to my dismay that I actually look decent in the Bombshell jacket that I’d admired during the fashion show the night before. Fortunately the jacket’s pretty spendy, and I already have too much gear. Gotta admit that it looks nice, though!

And that was pretty much it for me for Femmoto 2006. Jason kindly took Becca and I back to the hotel, where I tossed my stuff together and took a cab back to the airport. 🙁

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See everyone in 2007!

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