Mirage vs Blades: 4-1

At least, I think it was 4-1. I’ll correct it later if I’m wrong. 🙂

Yesterday was only my second game with my Ice Oasis women’s league team, the Mirage, due to three skipped weekends for motorcycling fun. It was great to be back on the ice with these gals.

Either I was skating a lot harder than I usually do or the time off put me hopelessly out of shape, because my lungs were killing me by the end of the game. In a good way, though — in that “holy crap, I’m exercising!” way.

I had a couple of good plays and more than a couple good ideas that never quite made it fully to a play…but that’s OK. I like good ideas. One play in particular was really nice; I had the puck just above the blue line and was being attacked by a D, so I passed the puck over to Molly, who quickly got it to Ann, who scored. 🙂

I felt bad because my head was up my ass every time I was on the bench, and poor Leslie had to skate over yelling “left wing! left wing” for like 20 seconds before I woke up and realized that was me. Oops. Sorry, Leslie!

Jason was there taking photos last night, so I should have some nice professional-quality pics of myself bending over at the waist and reaching out with my stick while staring down at my feet. Peter took some video clips during the game, too, so I can witness said posture in realtime. I had thought I was bending my knees, but apparently, not so much! Something to work on in today’s NCWHL game.

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