Femmoto 2006: Saturday afternoon

Oops, ha ha, I got working on the official write-up for Peter’s and my desert trip and totally forgot that I hadn’t yet finished the Femmoto write-up. See, this is why I generally don’t get paid for these things.

After the dirt bike class, our intrepid adventurers took the shuttle back over to the main track for lunch. We wandered around amongst the streetbikes in our dirt gear, earning more glances from the track crowd…I’d like to think they were admiring, but I think there was a fair amount of “them crazy” too. 😉

Riders heading out for a session.

The other cool part of lunchtime was watching the Supermoto practice out in the parking lot, led by Former AMA Hot Shoe Series Sportster Performance Champion Michelle DiSalvo.

After the Supermoto, the four of us just puttered around the paddock area, doing a little bit of “window shopping”, sitting on bikes, meeting new people, and just having fun. It was actually pretty nice not to have track sessions in the afternoon; after the dirt class, it was relaxing to wander around and not have to look at the clock.

Kristina and Becca try out a Kymco scooter:


Umbrella boy!

We eventually wandered our way back to the hotel, where we took showers and got mostly presentable (by which I mean my roommates looked gorgeous and I looked like a scraggly wet dog). We had some extra time before the banquet, so I talked Becca and Kristina into hanging out at the blackjack table with me. We shared the table with some drunk guys from Orange County, which was pretty entertaining until they started chain smoking. The Sahara doesn’t have the best ventilation, so we took our chips and wandered up to the banquet a little early.

Jason and Yosh joined us in the banquet hall shortly thereafter, where Yosh showed off her battle scars from falling on the dirt course:

I was very happy to be doublefisting coffee and beer:

The dinner was pretty good this year; chicken, twice-baked potato, veggies, cheesecake. Much better than the appetizer buffet from last year. The fashion show and raffle came after dinner, and once again I coveted the expensive gear and didn’t win anything in the raffle. Ah well!

There was much drinking and much silliness and much laughing and just being happy to be around each other.

Becca and I went back to the blackjack table after dinner (I’m not much for the late night drinking and partying, so a quiet night chatting with friends and the dealer was very nice). We were joined by Jason while Yosh played the slots (and won $360!!), then Yosh joined as well. None of us did spectacularly, and when I’d lost the small amount I’d alloted as my gambling allowance, Becca and I went back to the room to sleep.

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4 Responses to Femmoto 2006: Saturday afternoon

  1. Kim says:

    The Icon model chickie’s shoes really make the outfit.

  2. carolyn says:

    Oh, man, we ran into her in the bathroom before the fashion show (the shoes are obviously — or, I dunno, maybe not so much — part of her “banquet outfit” and not the motorcycle modelling outfit). Those shoes were fantastic. Black lace and hot pink ribbon makes me happy and want to sing Alice Cooper and Joan Jett all night.

  3. I was hoping none of this fashion show nonsense would hit the internet (see me in lovely orange and black Ducati gear above). I have been reading your blog in my pursuit of Femmoto feedback to give to Ducati so we can do this year after year. I totally remember you guys, I really wanted Red (sorry, Kristina) to ride a Multistrada and I think I wrangled her a spot in another group. Anyway, back in the reality of my world, some of my favorite people showed up in the store yesterday and said “did you meet a girl with blue hair?”. Well, yea! She stayed at our house once! No way! And on like that… Peter Russell and his lovely wife. It’s a very small community of motorcyclists we live in!

  4. carolyn says:

    Ha! It IS a small world! 😀 I stayed at Peter’s house for a sport-touring.net meet last year, when I was on my way home from Canada.
    I wish I’d done the track at Femmoto this year, so that I could have ridden a Ducati. I ran out of money and vacation time, though, gah. For some reason, my boss wants me to earn my paycheck by “sitting at my desk” and “doing work”. Totally cramping my style. 😉
    Next year, though! *bounce* I think it’s AWESOME that Ducati was there this year. I think that in the long run, Femmoto will end up being a very expensive weekend for me, since I bought a Kawasaki after riding one there last year…. 😉 😉 Maybe I’d better stay off the Ducatis after all.

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