G2 vs G1: 7-1

We had a fun NCWHL game yesterday. It was ostensibly against G1 (Kim’s team), but their team had a lot of people out of town, so they wound up with a lot of subs. I think that contributed to our high goal count; I really think G1 is the best team in the league this season.

According to the score sheet, I had two goals in the game, but I only got one. Robyn actually scored the goal that was listed as my second one; I was waiting behind the goalie for a rebound, and the puck bounced back out and hit my stick before the whistle. The ref only saw that part, I guess, so she insisted on giving me the goal even though I told her that the puck was already over the goal line when I touched it. Sigh. I emailed the coach this morning in the hopes that she could change that for our team stats.

My real goal was pretty, though — I went out on the ice and Andrea yelled, “hey Carolyn, go score a goal!” so I said “OK!” and did. 😉 Clearly, Andrea needs to come watch our games more often.

I took waaaaaay too long a shift towards the beginning of the game, and it screwed me up for the rest of the hour. Mental note: work on cardio endurance. Kim swears by jumping rope, so I’ll give that a try. I really need to stop sitting on the bench unable to catch my breath after a shift.

I only have one NCWHL game left this season. 🙁 There are three games left, but Peter and I will be in WI for my family reunion for two of them. Doh. Maybe my great-aunt Bea can reschedule her 90th birthday so that I can attend more games. 😉

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