April showers

Every year, I make a Cafe Press calendar with photos from the previous year’s motorcycle trips.

This month is all Femmoto pics. This makes me very happy, even as we’re in day 27 or so of record-setting rains, with no end in sight.


From The National Weather Service: “Not only was March 2006 one of the wettest on record, but it was also one of the coldest. Rainfall totals for the month were well above normal, and temperatures were well below normal. Records were set for number of rainy days, rainfall totals, and for coldest average temperatures.”

Santa Clara county continues having a “hazardous weather outlook”, and many of the coastal and mountainous motorcycling roads are closed due to landslides. The Santa Cruz and Santa Lucia Mountain Ranges are being hammered with rain, and the Devil’s Slide portion of Hwy 1 (between Pacifica and Half Moon Bay) is once again closed indefinitely.

Quote of note: “The Devil’s Slide area of Highway 1 is especially prone to rockslides. The last major road closure was in 1995, when a landslide closed the highway for 150 days.”

Whee. Hopefully it’ll stop raining for the April 20-22 Sport-Touring.net Central Coast ride…Peter and I have already done that route in a downpour. 😉

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2 Responses to April showers

  1. Alan R says:

    Looks like I picked the right time to get out of Dodge. We’ve been having somewhat decent weather here, and even the strikes and civil unrest here haven’t had much effect on my life. But if it makes you feel any better, all my stuff I shipped in January is stuck in England now, and I don’t know how it can get here because they won’t deliver unless there’s a parking place for their truck, which there never is here.

  2. Alan R says:

    Since this is a motorcycle blog, I thought I should add that this morning when I was walking to work in Boulogne-Billancourt, there was a guy riding his motorcycle next to me – on the crowded sidewalk! Fortunately (for me and the other pedestrians) he was going about the same speed as I was on foot. There’s lots of traffic here, and people get creative with their vehicles. Eventually I think the guy tried to get back onto the street, but he was on the left side of a big multi-lane road and had to cut across a big stream of traffic.
    I’d seen people on motor scooters crossing the street in pedestrian crosswalks before, and people pulling motorbikes onto the sidewalk to park, but this was a new experience – being passed by and then passing a motorcyclist while on foot on the sidewalk.

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