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Since Peter and I have never once taken a weekend trip together that didn’t involve rain, he’s been pretty reluctant to use the non-waterproof Ventura luggage that I got him a few years ago. This resulted in my carrying both … Continue reading

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NCWHL Green Eval #1

I had SUCH a fun time at the evaluations (yes, Andrea, OK, “conditioning session”) for the NCWHL Green league last night. For those who don’t relentlessly stalk the women’s hockey leagues, the levels of play are divided into color. From … Continue reading

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Hockey skills class #2

Today’s hockey skills class was documented by expert photographer Peter. Thanks, sweetie! I have the red jersey in all the photos below. Class started like last week, with lining up on the goal line and skating down the ice. I … Continue reading

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Rain, work, blah blah

There is literally nothing interesting going on in the riding half of my life. Water continues to fall from the sky; fire drills and service release rolls continue to pile up at work. This unfortunate combination leads to no riding … Continue reading

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First hockey skills class!

After a few weeks of skating class and public skating, I decided I wasn’t sore enough and should thus attend my first hockey skills class. Peter had assured me that the class was appropriate for a neophyte, but I’m not … Continue reading

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