NCWHL Green Eval #1

I had SUCH a fun time at the evaluations (yes, Andrea, OK, “conditioning session”) for the NCWHL Green league last night.

For those who don’t relentlessly stalk the women’s hockey leagues, the levels of play are divided into color. From beginning to advanced, it’s green, red, maroon, blue.

I knew more people than I thought I would — Kim and Andrea were both there, as were Jena and some people that I recognized from Ice Oasis.

Anyway, the drills were similar to what we’ve done at Ice Oasis’s skills classes, but there were far more people and everyone seemed to have a lot more energy. Since not everyone could skate down the ice at one time, the gals that were waiting their turns would cheer! Yell! Whoop! It really kept the energy level up, and I skated much harder than I ever have.

After an hour of drills, we did about a half-hour of scrimmage, during which I didn’t utterly suck. I think I was offsides for the entirety of the game, but other than that, life was pretty good. I learned that playing right wing as a lefty shooter was a bit of a pain in the ass; I think next time I’ll try to play left wing or left defense.

This week’s hockey schedule:
* Tonight: Try to drag someone (Peter? Kim? Andrea? Viv?) to public skate
* Wed 3/22: Skating class
* Sat 3/25: Ice Oasis hockey skills class (oops, forgot about Murray’s baby shower!)
* Sun 3/26: NCWHL Green eval #2

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2 Responses to NCWHL Green Eval #1

  1. andrea says:

    you looked great! i couldn’t find you at all and when i did, i got pulled away to warm up the goalie!
    can’t skate tonight, got a game at logitech.

  2. Kim says:

    Woo! I thought this was so much more fun than Saturday skills and I didn’t feel like I was going to fall over dead of out-of-shape before the end (for a change). I don’t remember you being off sides at all when I was playing D right by you, you looked like you were in the right places to me (although I have at best about 1/4 of a clue on positioning, so y’know).
    Sorry I didn’t touch a computer once yesterday, I would’ve been up for skating.

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