Hockey-filled Sunday

Woohoo hockey day!

Peter and I started off going to Big 5 for one of those kickass water bottles with the long spout so that I can actually not die of dehydration while wearing the cage. Hooray!

While there, we get the bright idea to buy some rollerblades to practice puck handling in the big parking lot behind our house. Big 5 didn’t have any in my size (Peter already has some, thanks to Alan — thanks, Alan!), so we continued our Day of Consumerism over to Inline Sports, inexplicable home to hockey and rollerblading gear, go-karts, and patio equipment. I picked up some cheap-but-nice (blue!) rollerblades and some even cheaper knee and elbow pads.

We tried out the rollerblades by zipping up and down our street for a few minutes once we got home, even escaping with all limbs intact! I quickly realized that hockey stops weren’t going to happen at all with the rollerblades…I still haven’t figured that whole “stopping” thing out (the skates don’t have a heel brake). So I’ll probably break a leg eventually. I think I’m supposed to be doing a T-stop, but that seems like a groin pull waiting to happen. Hrm. In the meantime, I just aimed for bushes when I needed to stop. 😉

Our foray into rollerblading was short-lived as we had to hop back in the car and head up to East West Hockey to get Peter’s skate ball-popped. I entered a Retail Therapy Trance and bought a new cheapo wooden stick to trash with the rollerblades (well, heck, I’m not taking my $150 Mission stick onto the asphalt!).

Speaking of the Mission stick, the East West guys told me it was a little too short, so they put a small plug in. I can’t say I felt any difference, but hey, it’s not like it cost anything to try, and I got to re-tape the handle, which made my OCD brain very happy indeed.

Once I was done spending money that I don’t really have, it was time for NCWHL Green Evaluation #2! It was pretty similar to last time, though we didn’t really wind up doing much puck handling at all. That’s what I need the most practice on, so that was sort of a bummer…though an all-skating evening was ego-boosting. 😉

The only downside to practice last night was during the Superman drill (where you skate foward and then fall on your face on the blue line…basically just convincing yourself that falling with padding doesn’t hurt). Apparently if you have a existent shoulder injury, however, it does hurt. A lot. I managed to slam down on my left shoulder while the arm was outstretched, and it’s been a world of pain ever since. 1000mg of ibuprofen later, I can at least move the arm, if not sleep very well. So I think I’ll be opting out of that drill in the future.

Our first official team practice is tomorrow night, hooray! I think we’re going to have a really kickass Green league this season. Boooooya!

Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS to Andrea, who was voted Most Valuable Player in the Green league last season!! (though, huh, I wonder why Barb referred to you as “Two-Minute Andrea”? 😉 )

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8 Responses to Hockey-filled Sunday

  1. Kim says:

    Oh, shoot. Sorry to hear about the shoulder. When we last talked it hadn’t started hurting yet and I had high hopes you’d escaped pain. 🙁

  2. carolyn says:

    It’s a weird hurt. It’s been swollen and toothachey-painful — very different from that shoulder’s normal nerve-impingement type pain. I’m sort of hoping that I just knocked something out of place slightly, since that would be a really quick fix at the doctor this afternoon.
    Course, I’m still going to practice tonight. *innocent* Two weeks into my hockey career and I sound like Peter already! 😉 😉

  3. Kim says:

    That wouldn’t surprise me at all, especially if something was not quite right after the separation injury (tightened scar tissue or whatever).

  4. Philip says:

    “Two-Minute Andrea”???… sounds like someone spends a lot of time in the penalty box!
    I have a shoulder injury from playing goal in ice hockey since December. I’m just waiting for the season to end so it’ll finally get some rest and heal. I hope yours gets better soon.
    (BTW, I can’t remember where I first found your site… the Short Bikers List perhaps? I’ve been following your writing here on and off for the past few years from about the time you moved to the SV650S.)

  5. andrea says:

    hey! that was the season BEFORE where i racked up a ridiculous number of PIMs. i was playing D against some fast people, like lucinda. this season, however, i played wing more and only had…2 minutes. =D

  6. carolyn says:

    >this season, however, i played wing more and only had…2 minutes.
    See? “2 minute Andrea”! 😉

  7. phil says:

    hi! i stumbled here while looking for something on motorcycle riding with a shoulder injury. i read what happened to your shoulder and i have the same problem only a bit worse. it very much sounds like you have a torn shoulder ligament. anterior cruciate ligament tear to be exact. i fell on my outstretched left arm years ago snowboarding, and it dislocated bad. you’d know from pain if it ever has dislocated completely and you’re lucky it didnt cause you have to pull it behind your back with the other arm to get it back in place. try not to fall anymore on it or re-injure it. mines never been the same and it falls out of joint when i outstretch it with any impact or twist. because of that i really cant ride a sportbike! and i love riding very much. but i think i can ride more of an upright bike where you dont have to lean over to the handlebars so much. since you’re into bikes do you have any ideas or recommendations for me? like what bike would be good for me because i really want something as fast as a sportbike? sorry im commenting on this since its a bit old!

  8. carolyn says:

    Hi Phil! No problem on the post age; that’s what “recent comments” in the lefthand nav column there are for. 😉
    Sorry to hear about your shoulder. 🙁
    I’ve had better luck riding bikes with more of a “standard” or upright posture, like you mentioned. My shoulder still gives me trouble at the end of a full day of riding, but if I bring Tiger Balm or some other topical menthol cream, and apply at every stop, I can get through the day.
    A lot of standards will still give you sportsbike speeds (well, I guess, unless you’re talking MotoGP or Hayabusa speeds). I’ve taken my Z750S to 130 with no problems; other standards are equivalent, I’m sure.
    The only thing to watch out for with standards + shoulder injuries is that you still want some sort of windshield or fairing. If you wind up doing a lot of freeway riding and the wind blast hits you shoulder-level, that’ll really hurt after just a few miles.
    So, I guess, let’s see…upright bikes with windscreens. Off the top of my head, there’s the Z750S, the SV650 with an aftermarket windscreen, the FZ1 or the FZ6, maybe a V-Strom 650 or 1000…lemme think of some more post-coffee and I’ll do a separate entry on it. 🙂

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