Spring Cleaning

It’s the first weekend of spring, which means that I’ve got to get the bikes ready for riding season!

The Z still has a couple thousand miles to go before its next service (though I do need to replace its oil filter, since I didn’t do that at the 600-mile service), but the other four are due, if not overdue.

I did most of the 24k service on the Superhawk last night — oil/filter, chain adjustment, replaced sparkplugs, tighted chassis bolts, checked measurements. Everything looked surprisingly good, considering I last did a full service on it in November 2004 *blush*

I just called Hare Racing to schedule in the rest of its needed work — new front tire, new rear brake pads, and carb work. The carbs have been screwy for at least a year; we’ve been terrible procrastinators about calling to get the bike dyno’ed and tuned.

I used up all the rest of my oil on the Superhawk, so I’m about to do a Kragen run for another case of 10W-40 and some oil filters.

It’s a very strange new world for me to have these bikes whose maintenance schedules are on time, not mileage. The Z, of course, will continue being mileage-based, but, like, the XT? I can’t really see putting 4000 miles on that bike within a year unless we suddenly move to a ranch in rural Montana or something. So now I have to note the next service date as well as mileage on my garage whiteboard. Between this and work, I’m starting to have dreams about date-filled whiteboards.

OK, off to Kragen. Huzzah!

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