Shoulder prognosis

Well, as expected, the shoulder wound up being a slightly displaced clavicle (I suppose technically it was dislocated, but that sounds a lot worse than I suspect it was), resulting in my old friend the acromioclavicular joint strain. Whee! Nothing to do for that but pop painkillers and ice the hell out of the shoulder.

I’m still going to go to hockey practice tonight, mostly to pick up my team jersey.

I am, however, off the bike for about a week. My timing really couldn’t be better, though, since the Bay Area continues to be daily drenched with rain. It makes me slightly less annoyed to be car-bound when it’s 50F, windy, and pouring.

Oh, and of course no weightlifting for a week, either. Sigh.

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3 Responses to Shoulder prognosis

  1. Kim says:

    Oh, bummer. At least it’s not something new and more exciting.
    I did squats and walking lunges today! I’m sure it was very exciting for all Eric’s neighbors. 😉

  2. Alan R says:

    Get well soon, Poof.
    It’s odd that ever since I left CA the weather there has been crappy.
    The weather here in Paris has been mostly crappy, too, but today and Monday were nice Spring days with a bit of sun and flowers in bloom.

  3. Linda says:

    Well, poo! Heal soon.

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