Femmoto segment on Two Wheel Tuesday

Two Wheel Tuesday aired a short segment on Femmoto this week: click here to download.

So, for those following along, yes, I’m the one getting help taking off on the Tuono. My television debut and I look like I’ve never been on a motorcycle before in my life. I’m so cool I freeze other people. Really, it must be very intimidating for others. Sigh.

Now, of course, the reason the dude was there helping me was legitimate and very welcome — I can’t even tiptoe the Tuono, so he helped me stand up the bike and flip the kickstand up — but I, um, don’t think that quite came across in the TV segment.

I can’t stop giggling. Man. Ah well. 😀

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7 Responses to Femmoto segment on Two Wheel Tuesday

  1. I thought that might have been you from the leathers. I was thinking that they were saying California, but that you went to Vegas to do the day, so it was making me think it wasn’t you.

  2. carolyn says:

    It’s a pretty good rule of thumb that if someone’s looking ridiculous and it might possibly be me, it probably is. *laughs*

  3. eric says:

    Throttle! Throttle! Throttle!
    So how’d you come to a stop? And how was the bike to ride?

  4. carolyn says:

    The bike was actually really fun to ride. Really flickable!
    Re: stopping — they had people standing by the entrance to the pits. They’d give a thumbs-up, and if you were OK to stop, you’d just ignore them or give a thumbs-up back. If you weren’t going to be able to stop by yourself, you did a thumbs-down or head shake or something. They’d radio in to the pits, and a guy would be waiting for you to come in — they’d grab the bike as you came to a stop and they’d put the kickstand down. 🙂

  5. carolyn says:

    Oh, and so the “throttle” thing was because they specifically told me not to gas it really hard at first and that they’d tell me when the spotter was going to let go.
    I’m actually really glad they filmed and aired that clip because it’s a great example of why women (shorties in particular) shouldn’t be intimidated by riding tall bikes at Femmoto — they really made an effort to make us comfortable on the taller Aprilias. It just cracks me up that the TV commentator didn’t give any context at all. He probably actually had no idea what was going on, now that I think of it.

  6. Tony Myles says:

    Totally awesome! I got it on the Tivo. You rock!

  7. Kansas says:

    lol, blue. When I watched that segment and saw that video clip I actually thought, “I wonder how small blue is compared to that gal.”
    So, let me get this straight; you’re all over the internet; been published on in a magazine; and have been on TV.
    Show off :p

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