Happy November.

deck the halls with motorcycles, fa la la la la….
Yosh pointed these out to me today and I am now completely twitterpated.



Found, of course, at Aerostich, home of all great motorcycle-themed toys.

tales from the commute.
Apparently there was a memo to drive like an utter ASSHOLE in the carpool lane this week. I did not get this memo. When I rule the world, it will be a punishable offense to get into the carpool lane and then drive exactly the same speed (or, my personal favorite, slower) than the cars in the three righthand lanes. And when I say “punishable”, I mean that I want the driver to stop, right there on the freeway, so that I may stop my motorcycle, walk up to him or her, and deliver a sharp kick to the shins.

The best part about this is that, apparently, there is an unspoken rule amongst assholes to immediately speed back up once the lane ceases being a carpool lane. Three different days this week, I was behind a car going 45 MILES PER HOUR in the carpool lane, with glorious empty lane visible ahead of it, only to have the car immediately accelerate to 80mph as soon as the carpool lane ended. Someone explain this to me. Please. Before I kill.

Though I suppose at least the people I deal with in the carpool are real people.

And don’t get me started about how kids should absolutely not count towards being a carpool. I’m sorry, call me coldhearted, but how exactly does having a 6-year-old in your Ford Excessive get a second car off the roads?

commuting, a positive note.
The HJC helmet is doing really well for my commute. Yesterday, it passed the first test of winter commuting: I wore a collared fleece under my winter jacket and did not arrive at work with a pinched nerve. Next up, the triple challenge of collared fleece, electric vest, and winter jacket.

the impending z.
I’ve been going through my budget, trying to find some way to convince myself that I can afford a Z750S. No matter how I look at it, I can’t right now. Bummer. But the good news is that the budget will let me know as soon as I’ll be able to. 😉

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