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Region 4 sushi; hilarity ensues.

Courtesy of the amazingly talented Anna: Notice that Viv made it in spirit! 🙂 I love me some Region 4 folks.

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Spokes Bar, Hwy 94

Peter and I are in Wisconsin, visiting Mom for Thanksgiving, and we decided to head south to bug Yosh and the other Region 4 folks. So we stopped for lunch in between Muskego and Mundelein, and wound up in … Continue reading

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For the teensiest motorcyclist in your life….

Peter and I were at Petsmart tonight and this totally cracked me up. If I still had gerbils, I’d have like 10 of these.

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Well, I seem to have gotten the cold that was going around the office. No surprise there, I guess. So I’m spending the day sitting on the couch in my fuzzy PJs and Aerostich slippers, doped up on Advil Cold … Continue reading

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States and Provinces album

I just tweaked the States and Provinces photo album (points to the righthand sidebar for more photo albums). The pics are now arranged alphabetically by state. 22 states and provinces; not too shabby! (it should be 23; I don’t have … Continue reading

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