Well, I seem to have gotten the cold that was going around the office. No surprise there, I guess. So I’m spending the day sitting on the couch in my fuzzy PJs and Aerostich slippers, doped up on Advil Cold and Sinus.

Advil Cold and Sinus has a special place in my motorcyclist’s heart, as Tony, Stephanie, and I spent pretty much our entire jaunt through British Columbia high as a kite on the stuff. It’s sort of funny, in a way, that I spent hundreds of miles in the saddle feeling much worse than I do now, but today I’m planted on the couch unwilling to even stand up to make a sandwich.

My article on Femmoto is due in to the RoadBike editors this weekend. I still want to do another draft but, really, I should just send it in. I can re-write and re-write til the cows come home and still find something else I want to change. Yeesh. Anyway, assuming they like it, look for that to hit the newsstands in late winter (I very nearly just typed “mid Q1 06”. The job, it infiltrates!).

Peter got the truck’s suspension fixed up, which means we should be able to get both dirt bikes in without the suspension bottoming out anymore. This is Good News. I’m idly looking around online for fun places to take the bikes, but most of the routes I really want to hit are either a full day’s drive away or are in the Sierras. We don’t have time before the holidays for the former, and it’s getting too late in the season for the latter. Hrm. Must research further.

It hasn’t started raining in the Bay Area yet, thereby confirming my suspicion that the annual bike show is the Bay Area’s rain dance. The show was moved this year to San Jose and is in mid-December (instead of being in San Mateo in early November); the rain seems to be holding off accordingly. For the non-local readers, it always pours the weekend of the bike show, often for the first time all season, thus utterly inconveniencing those of us taking advantage of the show’s free parking for motorcyclists. Though I bet the Frogg Toggs booth LOVES it…

Oh, speaking of the bike show, I’ll be working it this year, probably both Saturday (2pm-4pm) and Sunday (10am-Noon). Stop by the AMA booth and find out more about the Women in Motorcycling Conference!

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