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The valves! They’re everywhere!

Keeping in the fine tradition of “when it rains, it pours”, ALL FIVE of our motorcycles up and needed their valve clearances checked at the same time. I’ve got two down and three to go and I’m already having dreams … Continue reading

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Third time’s the charm at Metcalf

Peter definitely drank the dualsport koolaid on our short ride on Saturday afternoon, so we decided to head to Metcalf yesterday for some real off-roading practice. I knew from previous trips that I liked Trail 2, so I led us … Continue reading

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Dual sport ride: Montebello and Stevens Canyon Roads

Peter decided that, boy howdy, my XT225 looked like a bunch of fun and maybe hockey and snowboarding wasn’t potentially physically damaging enough. So he bought a 1990 Suzuki DR650S dual-sport. Yay!! We went to Cycle Gear last night and … Continue reading

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Retail therapy

I love it when New Enough has sales, especially on things I was thinking about buying. *whistles innocently* I’d never really been happy with the fit of my (size S) Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket, so I snatched up a (size … Continue reading

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Storing maps

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that I’m hopelessly OCD about both maps and organization — two great tastes that have, until now, not gone well together. I’ve tried dozens of ways to store my maps: shoved … Continue reading

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