Dual sport ride: Montebello and Stevens Canyon Roads

Peter decided that, boy howdy, my XT225 looked like a bunch of fun and maybe hockey and snowboarding wasn’t potentially physically damaging enough. So he bought a 1990 Suzuki DR650S dual-sport. Yay!!

We went to Cycle Gear last night and bought him dual sport appropriate gear: O’Neal M10 boots, some sort of non-descript Fox gloves, and a Frank Thomas Strike Mesh jacket.

Ain’t he adorable?


We went out riding today; surface streets only (narrow one-lane ones, at least), to give Peter the gist of his new bike and gear. We had a great time and are hoping to get to Metcalf tomorrow (depending on how sore he is after hockey tonight). Yay!

The bastard can flatfoot the DR! Rarrrrr!

The Serow and the DR at Stevens Canyon Reservoir

My typical bug-like appearance with the Serow and the DR

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3 Responses to Dual sport ride: Montebello and Stevens Canyon Roads

  1. Linda says:

    Of course he can flat foot it. He’s six bloody feet tall.
    You, on the other hand, are not. YOU are tiny and can handle ruddy great big bikes anyway.
    You win!

  2. carolyn says:

    6’4″! He’s 6’4″! He has a frickin’ 34″ inseam! My *whole body* is only 60″! I weep.
    He’s so going to kick my ass at Metcalf tomorrow. 😉 I can’t wait.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Ok, I just want to say I dig the red boots and gloves.

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