Oh Best Western, how I’ve missed ye.

I’m back on the road now, in Grants Pass, OR on my way to the Hug the Curve tour. I’m meeting Leslie and Paula in Issaquah, WA tomorrow evening, which gave me two 430-mile days to get there. Not too bad.

So my free advice of the day: don’t drink too much wine and eat a really rich meal the night before having to wake up early to do 400+ freeway miles. Holy shit, was I miserable. My stomach was finally settled enough around Redding to start drinking water and Gatorade…fortunately for me, since north-central CA was its usual hospitable July self (100+ F). Ugh.

I’m settled in the hotel room now, though (which has happily acquired free wireless internet access since Stephanie, Tony, and I stayed here last summer) and am about to walk to dinner. Hopefully food won’t be a problem. Ah, the myriad joys of traveling.

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