La Gloria Road etc

HOLY CRAP did I have fun today. I sound surprised because I am — I’d originally wanted to do a much different route today but had to change it last-minute when I wound up unable to sleep last night. It was my first time trailering the Serow somewhere, riding around, then trailering home (alone, too). I learned much.

For example:

  • Marking a GPS waypoint so you remember where you parked the truck: GOOD.
  • Unexpectedly spicy burritos in a town you’d never heard of: GOOD.
  • Leaving the iPod playing in the glove compartment all day: BAD.
  • Changing clothes in the truck cab: GOOD, though amusing.
  • Forgetting earplugs with a motocross helmet: BAD.
  • Gloria/La Gloria Road: GOOD. GOOD GOOD GOOD.

I’m so tired that I have no idea what I’m writing, but here are a couple of pictures….

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7 Responses to La Gloria Road etc

  1. Kansas says:

    You’ve got some wonderful scenery there Blue. Alot better than what I look at around here. What camera are you using to get those nice pictures?
    Oh yeah, check your email. I sent you one the other day.

  2. carolyn says:

    It’s a Canon S50. It takes great pictures, especially considering that I abuse the hell out of it. The lens cap doesn’t work properly after having a bike fall on it, a corner is dented after a bear encounter in Alaska, Miguel Duhamel sprayed champagne at it and stuck up the zoom mechanism. πŸ™‚ The camera is a perfect example of why I can’t have nice things.

  3. You mark a waypoint but don’t include the Lat/Long in your post – BAD
    How am I supposed to find that place if you keep it a secret? Or was that the point . . .

  4. carolyn says:

    “Here’s the spot where Carolyn parked her truck on one fine April morning….” It was on Hawkins St, just off of San Benito, if that helps. πŸ˜‰

  5. Joe says:

    Generally there called XT’s

  6. carolyn says:

    What is, the bike? Yes, it’s a XT225 — Serow is the European name. It’s a type of Japanese deer. πŸ™‚ I refer to my bike interchangeably as either an XT or a Serow.

  7. kenny ketchum says:

    The XT225 is the best bike. My first bike was a YamDT100 but it was too small so I traded it on an origional xt200j. I now have a XT225, and so does my cousin.
    We ride in Pennsylvania in an area called “the Endless Mountains”, my mom actually named them way back in like 1960 when she won a raffle at her elemtary school, when they were wanting an “official name” for those mountains.
    Anyways, I ride those mountain ranges, for days in and days out all year round on my weekends, “world’s end state park”, “camelback mountain road,””loyalsock never ending trail”…..
    The XT is the best bike to ride, it’s light weight and just a simple dual sport to catch hard road shortcuts or vice versa.
    My cousin always rode tall dual bikes, like the DRZ400E but once he got a taste of my light nimble bike, he soon switched, as a matter of fact, about a month after shelling out 5500 on a new DRZ400E.
    Now he’s more than satisfied with his new XT225.
    I should make a site too, this is a really awesome site.
    Good bye, and good luck,
    Ken Ketchum

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