Little updates

Not a whole lot going on in motorcycle world here, sadly. Let’s see what I can think of…

I was supposed to go on a Wind Dancers ride on Saturday but Jenny (the ride leader) cancelled it due to pouring rain. I’m hoping she reschedules it; I like riding with Jenny and this sounds like a great ride — 200ish miles of a mix of freeway/country roads/twisties. It makes me very happy to ride with other people who think that 200 miles is a nice length for a weekend ride.

I did some minor maintenance on the SVS and the Superhawk over the weekend. Both bikes needed their chains cleaned and lubed and the SH needed its clutch fluid topped off. When I was cleaning the SVS chain, I noticed that it was way loose, so I adjusted that too. I was thrilled to see that the chain is almost at its wear point already — it’s only been 5000 miles! I have no idea why the SVS tears through chains and sprockets so quickly. I’ll be pissed if I have to start replacing chains and sprockets more often than once a year.

I added a Gerbing heat controller to the Serow so that I can wear my heated vest on that bike, too. Yes, I’m spoiled.

The next “big” ride that I have planned so far is the West Coast Regional Meet at the end of May. I’ve got a laundry list of things to do before then (put on stainless steel brake lines, inspect the clutch, get a new gel seat or reupholster the one I have), so there’s some small chance there I may have vaguely interesting things to post about sometime soon. Probably not, but maybe. 😉

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