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Sounds of Silence

I did the 42,000 mile service on the SVS this weekend. While poking around checking for loose this and corroding that, I happened to look underneath the front fairing near the radiator and saw a dangling wire. “Huh,” thought I, … Continue reading

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Bike show, part 2

OK, back to the bike show. The stuff. As everyone knows, the second best thing about the bike show is all the stuff to buy. Take my money away! Unfortunately, the vendor situation this year was….well, it was a little….OK, … Continue reading

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2004-2005 Motorcycle Show

Oh, it’s that most wonderful time of the year!…….bike show time! Each year I go, the fun of the bike show veers more and more towards the social; sitting on bikes is always still fun, of course, but unless there’s … Continue reading

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Wasting away again in Margaritaville

It’s getting to be heated vest weather once again in Silicon Valley. This’ll be my first full season with the heated vest, and I’m loving it already. Between the heated grips, the hand guards, the vest, and the Kilimanjaro jacket: … Continue reading

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Cambria pics: better late than never!

I just realized that with all the hustle and bustle of flying to Florida, I never posted the pictures from Peter’s and my Cambria trip. Anyhoo, here they are….apparently, I never finished the trip reports, either. Woops.

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