Sounds of Silence

I did the 42,000 mile service on the SVS this weekend. While poking around checking for loose this and corroding that, I happened to look underneath the front fairing near the radiator and saw a dangling wire. “Huh,” thought I, and moved away from the bike to do other things. About three feet later, I stopped dead in my tracks. “Wait a minute,” though I again, and walked back over to the bike, “wasn’t that the horn?”

Yes, dear readers, somehow I have managed to lose my horn. Not only did the mounting bolt vibrate off (assumedly), but the horn dangled from its wiring long enough for the locking connector to disconnect. *scratches head* How in god’s name I didn’t notice something the size of a saucer falling off my bike, I have no idea.

I was tempted to get one of those air horn-like Freeway Blasters from Fiamm, but then I got my credit card bill from last month, and decided that perhaps that can wait. I’m currently trying to convince Tony that his track SVS doesn’t really need a horn, and that it really just weighs him down an awful lot, and really, I’d be doing him a favor by taking it off his hands. 🙂

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