Sounds of Silence

I did the 42,000 mile service on the SVS this weekend. While poking around checking for loose this and corroding that, I happened to look underneath the front fairing near the radiator and saw a dangling wire. “Huh,” thought I, and moved away from the bike to do other things. About three feet later, I stopped dead in my tracks. “Wait a minute,” though I again, and walked back over to the bike, “wasn’t that the horn?”

Yes, dear readers, somehow I have managed to lose my horn. Not only did the mounting bolt vibrate off (assumedly), but the horn dangled from its wiring long enough for the locking connector to disconnect. *scratches head* How in god’s name I didn’t notice something the size of a saucer falling off my bike, I have no idea.

I was tempted to get one of those air horn-like Freeway Blasters from Fiamm, but then I got my credit card bill from last month, and decided that perhaps that can wait. I’m currently trying to convince Tony that his track SVS doesn’t really need a horn, and that it really just weighs him down an awful lot, and really, I’d be doing him a favor by taking it off his hands. 🙂

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  1. John Eickerman says:

    Go to your local NAPA store and pick up their horns, which are made by Fiamm. Make sure you look at the volume of the horns, since they have two or three volume levels. They also have a high and low note horns too. I have a pair of 132dB (if I remember correctly) versions mounted to the lower bolt of the radiator. I used a short piece of aluminum stock to put them in front of the radiator. I then wired them up with a relay and a circuit breaker in case I honk at some minivan mommie too long. They are LOUD, and get people’s attention. The horns cost something like $15 each, and the relay and circuit breaker was something like $10 or so. Pretty cheap way to make your commute safer. I can send you pictures if you like. – John

  2. Eric says:

    i’m leaving in the morning for death valley with 50 harley riders…i’m the only one not riding a harley lol….I WANT A NEW HORN!!!!! Mine SUCKS!!!!! I love everthing about my Tigger except the HORN!!! It is weak beyond belief….NO-ONE could possibly hear me if I needed them too…….i’m gonna get a loud one soon because the stock one is PATHETIC!! See you all in Beatty lol.

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