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I added a new category, Fitness, to the blog.

For new readers, and those who need a refresher course, here’s why I think fitness is 100% motorcycle-related.

I didn’t have much time to work out tonight, as I have to leave…well, pretty much now…to go to the monthly Women on Wheels meeting. I did get a full arm/shoulder weight routine in, though.

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  1. Linda says:

    Darn tootin’.
    I remember collapsing into fits of hopeless giggles at LA Youth hostel last year, when my room-mate said “motorcycle riding isn’t excercise”. I asked her what else was moving a 535lb piece of metal about was, then?
    I’ve been working out since January, three times a week, give or take. It’s made an enormous difference to my posture, stamina, and riding confidence.
    I am looking forward to your New Category.
    Oh, and, one of these days we are going to have a conversation that lasts longer than five seconds. 😉

  2. carolyn says:

    No kidding! Too many gals at the meetings with which to have five second conversations! 😉
    You work out at a gym, right? Do you do weights? I’ve been doing dumbbells for a couple of years now, but am getting tempted to join a gym for access to “real” weight machines. Opinions on the place you attend?

  3. Alex says:

    Your not kidding Carolyn.
    At the recent trackday, I got my ASS KICKED. It was only 20 minutes each session, around 10-12 laps of the 1.6 mile course. So its really not all that bad.
    Yet at the end of each session, I was whomped, and the 40 minutes between sessions didnt seem long enough.
    Your right, I think its time to stop the steady diet of Camel lights, and Coffee, and start getting somewhat healthy!

  4. Linda says:

    Yes, I’ve been working out at the Right Stuff (Campbell) for eight months now. I usually do the circuit, which is a 30-minute in-and-out weights workout on machines: stuff like curls and leg press. Then I do the inner and outer thighs. Have noticed lots of firming, but had to put in extra effort to start on the weight loss (i.e. Weight Watchers – somehow I don’t think you have that problem though.)
    When I get bored I do exercise bike, etc, for stamina.
    I really like the place. It’s relaxed, no BS, and the staff are moderately friendly. There are free classes and stuff (they’ll walk you through the right settings for the circuit in a class, but will of course try to sign you up for personal training.)
    I can get you a 30-day pass if you want. I pay about $20/month. It’s worth it.
    There’s also a women’s gym in Sunnyvale, but I’ve never been there.

  5. Laura says:

    I’ve been lifting weights for about two years at the YMCA that’s on-site where I work (PA Square). They have a 14-machine circuit and your settings (and pounds) are all computerized so you can keep track. And earn points for free & extremely unattractive t-shirts, probably only useful for wrenching. Location-wise, it’s really handy but I’m thinking of switching come January when all the gyms start offering specials–the Y is expensive, $65 a month for all-hours access, although you can get it for less if you go during off-peak times. I know you work near me, I don’t know how close it would be for you, though. I can actually pick my 500+ pound motorcycle up after doing this. My ex boyfriend/instructor told me I needed to know if I could, so I laid it down in the driveway on some cardboard (with help) and gave it a try. I hope never to have to do it again, since I was black and blue the next day, but such a good feeling to know that if I HAVE to, I can. And this was before I knew about the preferred method of backing up to it, I did it the hard way, from the front…And, oh, yeah, one more thing: you still owe me 1/2 a dinner! 🙂

  6. Jamie C. says:

    I’m a member of Curves in Sunnyvale. It’s a great 30 minute workout for women who are getting started in a fitness program. It’s designed to build muscle and strength without bulking up. I really enjoy it.

  7. RickC1957 says:

    Ahhhh, great stuff, finally hit your website. I’ve been on a 18 month fitness program myself and general lifestyle change to beat the middle age sag that is happening:( I’ve quit alcohol, and been paying attention to what I eat. My workouts consist of a 32 minute session on the heavy bag, 2.25 mile uphill run on treadmill (ugh…I hate it) a 16 minute upper body lifting session, using light (10 lbs to 20lbs) handweights, not going for bulk, but definition and finally a 16 minute abs routine to fight the middle age spread, being 48 sucks! Benefits from this work out, doing Vivid1’s unofficial saddle sore run, wasn’t even a challenge:) The 2800+ mile run to ESTN in Stowe, a blast. My solo, 28 hour run to Canada, 24 hours in a soaking rain, not all that bad. Ype being in better physical condition is a plus when riding.

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