Pics from Laguna Seca (spoilers)

No write-up yet, but the pictures from Laguna Seca are up.

The first batch are World Superbike, followed by a whole mess of AMA Superbike. We started out at Turn 2 (those are the WSBK shots), hung out at the corkscrew for a while (that’s the start of the AMA pics), and then just sort of wandered all over the track.

By sheer luck, I ended up at the paddock in time for the AMA Superbike podium, so there are some decent shots of the winners.

I like the Foggy bikes. This is turn 2 (WSBK).

This is why they call it “the corkscrew” (AMA Superbike).

The AMA Superbike podium winners

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