Home again!

I’ve been home for about a half-hour now. I’ve:
– brought everything inside and opened one saddlebag just enough to get out the laptop
– pushed the bike into the garage
– changed clothes
– started a beer
– pet the cats
– sorted the mail
– wondered why the house reeks of cat litter

I may have to wait for Peter to come home before figuring out that last one. 😉

Sorry about the lack of updates since Haines — we didn’t have any cell coverage on the ferry, and then my hiptop died about 15 minutes after finally getting cell coverage last night in Grant’s Pass, Oregon. Dunno what’s wrong with it; it just ain’t holding a charge. Neither is my motorcycle battery. I think I may be a vortex of magnetic energy, or something.

At any rate.

More later, naturally — now it’s time to pet the cats more (I’m not surprised that Peter’s cats immediately ran to see me when I came in, and my cats couldn’t be bothered to stand up or even, really, open their eyes) and maybe spray the top layer of bugs off the SVS.

Trip total: 5459.3 miles

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