A Quentin Tarantino wrench session

One thing about riding 5400 miles in three weeks is that — bam! — suddenly, another service is upon me.

After running some errands in the morning, I came home and put on some grease-stained jeans, an old black T-shirt, and put the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack on the iPod. There was something very very good about bopping around the garage, singing along to “Stuck in the Middle with You”, “Little Green Bag”, etc and doing little shimmies while tightening bolts, checking the air filter, lubing the clutch cable…

I was feeling pretty good about Quentin, so when Reservoir Dogs ended, I moved onto Pulp Fiction. Again, good wrenching music. How can you not be happy with “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” blaring on the garage speakers?

This is reminding me to buy the Kill Bill soundtrack. And to see Kill Bill vol. 2.

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