Prince George, BC

I was very pleased by the dirty Mounties pickup truck, complete with
ATV. Canada makes me happy.

We’re staying in Prince George for the night, in a 2-bedroom “suite”: 2
queen beds, a living room, kitchen, etc. We had a great dinner next
door to the hotel: steak and prawns, garlic mashed potatos, and beer all
around. We’re really roughing it out in the wilds, as you can tell.photo_220.jpg

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4 Responses to Prince George, BC

  1. Geoff says:

    Hey, hey, hey–“Out in the wilds!” I’ll have you know I spent a lot of my youth in Prince George!
    (and we usually say, “Out in the *sticks*”)

  2. ed says:

    Perhaps “Out in the Wilds” is a middle zone where you’re not in the sticks yet but too far away to get good espresso anymore?
    The few times I’ve been up north, driving back through Prince George was depressing cuz you knew you were inexorably getting back into “it”.

  3. Alex says:

    Oh dear Carolyn. I’m sorry to hear that your living it so rough up there. Sheesh! And here I thought washing my underoo’s in hotel sinks, and eating at Denny’s was the life.
    You’ve got it made! 🙂

  4. Joan Boyce says:

    How come the weather furrther north is as good as it is in WI?
    We also have rain and cool temperatures but I’m not eating as well. Ain’t life good! Enjoy, enjoy!!

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