Nighthawk info needed

Reader Valerie is looking for some current pricing info on the 1986 Honda Nighthawk 450, as hers was totalled by a neighbor and the insurance company is giving her a bit of a runaround.

Does anyone know of any for sale, especially in the Bay Area? If so, what are they going for? I know I sold mine last year for $1500, but I don’t have any recent info. The bike in question was in mint condition with only 8k miles. 🙁

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  1. Michael says:

    One thing we used to do at the Ducati Dealership I managed was quote what the bike was going for in the market (since Ducks were almost always worth more than the Blue Book or NADA value). Soooo, might be worth checking with some Honda dealers and seeing if they will vouche for the value of the bike. Always worked like a charm with the insurance companies I dealt with.

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