Getting ready to leave

Today’s my last day at work before leaving for the great white north. I’m afraid I’m going to be fairly useless for anything other than running around and making sure that my coworker is on all the various meeting invite lists.

Things I still have to do:

1) Pack. Ha.
2) Email Barbara, one of the Alaskan Women on Wheels members, for her phone number. I want to try to have dinner with their chapter.
3) Buy a 2.5mm to 3.5mm plug adapater so that I can use my external microphone with my digital voice recorder. You’d think this shit would have standards by now.
4) Send my Sept/Oct column off to the national WOW magazine editor. It’s written, but I need to format it.
5) Call Hare Racing and see if I can squeeze in tomorrow for new tires.
6) RSVP for a friend’s September wedding (or see if I can delay RSVPing until I get back).

I finally finished photocopying the appropriate pages from my fifteen thousand books on Alaska/British Columbia/Yukon. I’m probably bringing close to 100 double-sided photocopies, but that weighs a whole lot less than bringing the entire books.

The only books I’m bringing along are The Adventure Guide to the Alaska Highway and either Tim Cahill’s Road Fever or Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods. And maybe Barry Lopez’s Arctic Dreams, as I’m two chapters into it.

Ponder ponder ponder.

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4 Responses to Getting ready to leave

  1. chris says:

    have a fantastic time and ride safely.
    regarding book choices: i’d suggest leaving Bryson at home. the first half is a real knee-slapper, but after that it fizzles. Lopez, on the other hand is consistently excellent.
    i highly recommend Great Heart: History of a Labrador Adventure, by James Davidson and John Rugge.
    looking forward to reading about your assuredly most excellent adventure.

  2. sharad says:

    Ride safely up there! Remember, a street going motorcycle is faster than a grizzly only when it’s on the road. And bring insect repellent for those moments when you’re not wearing all your gear.

  3. Linda says:

    Ride safe, and have a great time. 🙂

  4. ed says:

    Hmmm, having seen how fast massively huge grizzlies can move, I wouldn’t be quick about betting against the bear. But they shouldn’t be a problem unless camping or hiking.
    As for packing, to borrow in spirit from Bill Tilman who said something along the lines of “Any expedition worth doing can be planned on the back of an envelope” – the packing essentials are: wallet, keys, passport, boots. The rest is in support. … ‘course, some things are easier to deal with than others and I don’t actually follow this myself, but I’ve also seen how forgotten things have a way of working themselves out.
    Have an exciting adventure (away from the 48 contiguous states!) and a great ride. Enjoy the fresh air.

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