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Obsessive consumerism

I’m definitely in an obsessive phase. Sometimes I bite my fingernails all day, sometimes I research something online until my eyes fall out, sometimes I comparison-shop for something I’ve decided I just can’t live without. Today, I’m doing all three … Continue reading

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Clutch write-ups

The two clutch write-ups are up now: Replacing the clutch cable Adjusting the clutch release assembly I did the test ride with the new clutch cable yesterday, and was really happy with it. It’s hard to explain exactly how it … Continue reading

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New clutch cable

The new clutch cable came in last week, so I took some time this afternoon and installed it. I took a few pictures and am planning on doing a full write-up; that’ll be up on the main site tomorrow … Continue reading

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Alaska is a go!

I talked to my boss about the Alaska trip this morning. To my surprise, he was really supportive and even told me some funny stories about various trips he’s taken. I didn’t really expect him to start screaming and throwing … Continue reading

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Andrea is a biker babe

First of all, I realized I’d never linked to the pictures from the WOW New Year’s Day lunch. They’re up with the January 1 entry now. Everyone looks sexier in rain gear. Dammit. Saturday afternoon, Peter and I met Andrea … Continue reading

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