Alaska is a go!

I talked to my boss about the Alaska trip this morning. To my surprise, he was really supportive and even told me some funny stories about various trips he’s taken. I didn’t really expect him to start screaming and throwing things at my head or anything, but I wasn’t prepared for zero pushback. It makes me a little nervous, to be honest. I half-expect him to come back in a week and tell me that I can still go, but upon my return, I’ll have to move my desk down to the basement and give up my red Streamline stapler.

The trip is still in that hazy surreal stage for me, the stage that usually lasts until three hours into the trip. It’s four and a half months away now. I remember when we first started tossing the idea around in winter 2002. We had seventeen months to wait. Now it’s down to four. Creepy.

I’m still pretty excited. My only concern is how I’ll handle travelling with two other people for so long. Even though Steph and Tony are two of my bestest friends and I love them both dearly (and, fortunately, I think it’s mutual), I get weird on road trips. I like being on my own, and being nomadic, and being independant. With three weeks on the road, though, I’m sure we’ll work something out. They’re probably wondering how they can possibly survive three weeks of me, anyway. 😉

On a totally separate note, I got into work today to discover that my phone had played a game of Snake with itself in my tankbag on the ride over. I’ve had my cell phone call people from my tankbag before, but playing Snake was a new trick. The depressing part was that it got a high score.

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