New clutch cable

The new clutch cable came in last week, so I took some time this afternoon and installed it. I took a few pictures and am planning on doing a full write-up; that’ll be up on the main site tomorrow or Monday. I’ll post here when it’s done.

The procedure was a lot simpler than I’d expected it to be (and I’d expected it to be simple). Unhook both ends of the old cable, slide it out, slide the new one in, hook it up, adjust it. That’s pretty much it. See? Now you don’t have to read the write-up. 😉 The hardest part of the whole thing was keeping the Gerbing heat controller wires out of the way. Those wires really wanted a piece of the action.

I didn’t do a test ride with the new cable, as I was running late to Kim’s birthday party (happy birthday, Kim! Congrats on another year of being 29!). I’ll do that tomorrow, too.

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