Andrea is a biker babe

First of all, I realized I’d never linked to the pictures from the WOW New Year’s Day lunch. They’re up with the January 1 entry now. Everyone looks sexier in rain gear. Dammit.

Saturday afternoon, Peter and I met Andrea up at Danger and did a nice 35-mile loop up and down Cañada Road. It’s one of my favorite roads for new riders — it’s mostly straight, has some nice scenery, and is really accessible from Palo Alto. Andrea did really well, as I knew she would. She’s a good rider already — she’s much better at the slow-speed “hard stuff” than I was, even after I’d had much more experience than she does. She’ll be out there whupping my ass soon. 😉

We’ve had really beautiful weather here in the Bay Area lately (ow! hey! quit throwing things!). It was in the high 60s and sunny all weekend. Naturally, today it’s back to being foggy and damp, but that’s fitting for a Monday.

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