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I first heard about this program when Steph and I volunteered at the Pony Express booth for the bike show back in November. It sounds pretty damn cool. The email (reproduced below) has all the details, but for you ADD types, here are the relevant URLs:

On Track for Research (will be launched on February 1, 2004)
Pony Express Rides
Sport Bike Track Time

1/9/04 – On Track for Research
If you’ve ever taken a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, you’re familiar with the phrase, “The more you know, the better it gets!”

That’s what “On Track for Research” is all about.  You get to improve and practice the riding skills you need out in the real world.  You do this in a controlled, safe environment where you have experienced instructors instead of oncoming traffic, potholes, pedestrians, or dogs.

While you’re improving your skills on the track, you have the satisfaction that you have given researchers the funds they need to put an end to breast cancer.

Scholarship money has been made available by BMW of North America to the Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation to encourage riders to improve their riding skills.  

In exchange for the scholarships, riders raise money for breast cancer research.

Up to $100 per student is available. Raise $250 for the Susan G. Komen Breast cancer Foundation, and receive a $50 dollar scholarship, raise $500 and receive a second $50 scholarship.

Raise just $100 for Komen and get in on the Rider Incentive Program, which has some great prizes.

Rider Incentive Program:

For every $100 you raise for the Komen Foundation, your name goes into the Riders’ Raffle for great prizes:

§         Arizona Adventure Center –  Thank you Edelweiss Bike Travel

§         Round-Trip Airline Tickets – Anywhere Continental U.S.

§         Riding Gear


The Top Three Fund Raisers for each Track Day has his/her name engraved on the Winner’s Cup that travels around the country on display at all W.M.F. fund raising events.

SportBike Track Time

“On Track for Research” is the result of collaboration between SportBike Track Time and the Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation, Inc.

Bonnie Strawser and Monte Lutz the visionaries, behind SportBike Track Time welcome, in fact encourage, all riders to attend their track days.

They recognize that it takes all kinds of bikes to make the world go round. Whatever bike you ride, you need to know how it performs, and what options you have on it when you’re confronted with a variety of situations out in the real world.

 “But… being out on a track and going fast… That sounds scary!”

 Actually, you go only as fast as your comfort level allows. The point is to improve your skills at speeds you’re more likely to be traveling when “Bambi” decides to jump out in front of you on a curve.

 “I’ll be the slowest one out there…”

Perhaps, but more likely you’ll be faster than some, slower than others and that will go back and forth all day depending on where you are putting your focus. It really doesn’t matter as long as you are moving forward on your own learning curve.  Besides, you’ll be grouped by ability and again, by your comfort level.

“So if I did this, I wouldn’t feel intimidated?”

No, but you will feel endorphins popping all over the place by the end of your first twenty minute track session. This is a learning environment that focuses on fun too!

 “Who can participate?”

Licensed motorcyclists, women and men ages 18 years or older may participate. You will need to use a full or two-piece riding suit with armor; leather or cordura is fine. Chaps do not qualify. Full-face helmets, full-fingered gauntlet gloves, and calf high boots are also required.

Leather suits may be rented through SportBike Track Time if you don’t own your own or have no one your size from whom to borrow.

When and Where
Four sessions are open thus far to “On Track for Research Riders.”

§         June 19 / 20: Sat & Sun – Barber Raceway, Birmingham, AL.

§         July 16: Fri – Willow Springs Int. Raceway – Rosamond, CA

§         Aug 20, 21, 22:  Fri, Sat, Sun – Annual Track Fest. Gingerman, Raceway, South Haven, MI. 

§         Sept 18: Spring Mountain Motorsports Park – Pahrump, NV. Sat – Femmoto Day. Open to women riders only on Sat, all riders on Sun. Sept 19th.

You can register on line for the “On Track for Research” Track days by logging onto one of three websites hosted by W.M.F., Inc.




Or, you can go directly to SportBike Track Time’s website:


Or, Call SportBike Track Time for registration materials at (419) 822-0350.

Once registered, you’ll receive confirmation by email or snail mail depending on how you registered with W.M.F., Inc. and SportBike Track Time.

If you’re on line, you’ll receive a website address for downloading your “On Track for Research Pledge Kit.   The pledge kit will include fund raising ideas, pledge sheets, and directions for sending your donations on to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Then you’re on your way to enhancing your riding skills and putting an end to breast cancer. 

Women’s Motorcyclist  Foundation, Inc.

§    Founded, 1983: In LeRoy, NY.

§    1984-1994: Hosted week long motorcycle gatherings for women to encourage more women to become riders and to enhance their riding, mechanical, touring, and first aid skills.

§    1993: Hosted “Arctic Tour ’93 – Ride for Research. Visited three oceans including Arctic Waters off the northern point of NWT, Canada. Raised $25,000 for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

§    1996, 1998, 2000, 2003: Hosted Pony Express Relay Rides raising in total $2,027,000 for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

§    1996: Recipient of the Hazel Kolb Brighter Image Award bestowed by the American Motorcyclist Association to organizations which present a particularly strong, and positive image of motorcycling in the media.

§    1997: Recipient of the Susan G. Komen’s National Jill Ireland Award for Volunteerism.

§    1998: Named as an official service provider by the American Red Cross.

§   2000: W.M.F., Inc. founders Gin Shear and Sue Slate named as Motorcycling Pioneers by the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum.

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