Peter and I took the afternoon off and went up to MacWorld in San
Francisco. The new miniature iPods are pretty neat — they’re thinner, and would
fit really well in a tankbag map pouch. I use my “normal-sized” iPod in
my map pouch, and, while it fits, it doesn’t leave much room for the
other stuff I normally keep there (earplugs, FasTrak bridge
transponder). The new mini iPod would fit much better. Just in case,
y’know, anyone was wondering.

I also found a laptop case that I’ll probably get when I finally get a
new laptop. I’m using an old clamshell iBook, which is amazingly
durable and has held up well over thousands of miles of bike travel.
Unfortunately, I’ll be upgrading soon, and the new iBooks just aren’t
as sturdy. I found a laptop case at the show here that’s basically just
padding — no straps or buckles or briefcase stuff. That’ll work well,
I think; a bit of padding that’ll still fit in a saddlebag.photo_04.jpg

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