A ride to Paso Robles: Day 1

Your eyes do not deceive you!  For the first time in four years (!), I took a solo overnight trip.  I had very nearly forgotten how to pack for a bike trip, which is sad and tragic.  I did wind up forgetting extra shoes; good thing the Daytona boots are comfy!

Anyway, my in-laws are in town for the week, so I took advantage of the offered grandparent babysitting and hit the road.

I didn’t take any photos of my first 60 miles down Highway 101 because it looks like an interstate that goes through a major metropolitan area.  Feel free to visualize eight lanes of commuter traffic.

My first stop was for an early lunch just outside of Hollister.  My original intent was to have brunch at Flapjacks in Tres Pinos, but I learned upon arrival that they’re closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Oops.  Fortunately the little family-owned Mexican restaurant next door was open (the next town big enough for a restaurant after Tres Pinos is literally Paso Robles, which is 100 miles away, and I didn’t feel like backtracking to Hollister).

Beautiful downtown Tres Pinos:



I continued on Highway 25 down through the Central Valley.     Hwy 25 runs parallel to the Diablo Range, upon which sits the San Andreas Fault, so the road is twisty and scenic despite going through farmland.


Always a good sign to see on a motorcycle ride:



Highway 25 is also known as Airline Road; I always wondered why that was because, to the best of my knowledge, there’s no airport anywhere along its length.  Wikipedia opines: “One story of where the highway got its name is that before the advent of radio navigation, airline pilots flying north-south routes between San Francisco and Los Angeles would use this highway as a visual aid to confirm that they were on the correct route.”

At the intersection with Highway 198 in Monterey County, Highway 25 continues as a two-lane county road called Peach Tree Road (which itself becomes Indian Valley Road a little farther south).


From the southern terminus of Indian Valley, it’s just a short hop on Highway 101 into Paso Robles.

Day 1 stats:


I absolutely love riding to Paso Robles (as is evidenced by many prior ride reports) and a big reason why is the Paso Robles Inn.   I like to splurge at the hotel and get a mineral springs hot tub room — when I’m with Peter, I get the outdoor balcony rooms, but since I was by myself, I settled for an in-room hot tub.  😉



I had a small adventure before dinner — upon arriving at the Inn, I realized that my Kindle battery was dead.  One way you can tell a mom traveling alone: I was SO EXCITED to have a night to sit and read a book.  Alone!  With no crying!  I grumped for a few minutes and then remembered that I had The Power Of The Internet and used Google to find a used bookstore only a couple of blocks from the hotel.  I walked on over and listened to the proprietors gossip about their love lives while I perused the books; I wound up picking up a David Sedaris book for $2 and was instantly happier.

A great dinner, complete with Firestone beer on tap and David Sedaris:


Day 2 to be continued, hopefully later today or tomorrow…

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