E2E Ride: Roadside attractions around San Jose

I’m a few days behind here on chatting about this past Tuesday’s ride.  Between Kira teething/having a cold and painters invading for the week, I’ve been seriously discombobulated.

There isn’t actually a lot to say about this ride; I rode over to the East Bay to have breakfast in Sunol, then puttered down Calaveras Road and into San Jose.   I spent quite some time taking photos in San Jose and environs for the Equinox to Equinox Rally, then headed home.

First, here are some general ride pics.  It was a gorgeous spring day; really perfect riding weather.

Niles Canyon:


I ducked into the Sunol Water Temple for the E2E rally:



Calaveras Road:



I have a very strong memory of coming home from the hospital after Kira’s birth last April and seeing the poppies in bloom along the roadside.  It makes me smile to see them again this spring.


Can you believe that this is my first official Muffler Man?  And I call myself a roadside kitsch connoisseur, pfffft.



And the ubiquitous ride stats photo:



Anyway, I’ll try to be more interesting next time. 😉 I figured any blog post is better than no blog post at all!  🙂

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