San Jose Burninators vs Alaska Ambush: 1-0

This evening’s game was a fun and physical game against the Alaska Ambush.  We were tied for points with the Ambush going into the game so I knew it would be a close one.

I started out the night by taking a slap shot to the ankle from my own teammate in the warmup.  Ouch!  I can now vouch that Mary Ann has a hard shot. 😉  Fortunately by the time my line went out, I could put weight on the foot and now it’s only a bit sore, nothing terrible.  Ah well, wouldn’t be a tournament without some bumps and bruises!

The game itself was pretty fun.  We were a bit discombobulated at times — I think everyone is starting to get tired — but there were good passes and good opportunities.  I hit the post again (again! bahhhh!) and tended to get tied up in my own feet, but otherwise I had fun.  Lisa was our center for this game and I enjoyed playing with her.

We got the one goal, a deflection off of a wicked shot by Andrea back at the point, and then Susan did an awesome job of defending her shutout.  Yay Susan!

Not much else to report…the championship game against the Polar Cats is tomorrow at 10:30am. Go Burninators!

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