San Jose Burninators vs California Polar Cats: 0-1

We’re #2! We’re #2!

Our championship game against the California Polar Cats was this morning and I thought it went pretty well overall.  It was clear that both teams were tired, but the Cats did a great job of making us run all over the ice, which tired us out more.  It felt like their passes were connecting beautifully, and they were intercepting our passes well…plus their goalie was once again a total rock star.

I felt like I skated decently but the fourth game in four days definitely was taking its toll.  I wasn’t winded or muscle-sore (ha, I’m sure that’s coming in the next few days) but I just felt a little sluggish overall.   Like, my brain would be yelling “SKATE!” and the message would take its sweet time getting to my feet.  My feet were drinking pina coladas poolside while the brain was trying to forecheck.

I had a great time, though, and it was a great Burninators team this year.  Mad props to Susan, who won the all-tournament goalie award (yay!!) and to G and Shorts who got team awards for D and forward respectively (yay!!).

I’ll post a couple of my favorite photos tomorrow sometime and then it’ll back to our regularly scheduled motorcycle blather.  🙂

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