San Jose Burninators vs California Polar Cats: 1-2

Today’s game was a hard-fought loss to the California Polar Cats at the Fiesta rink.

We had a 1-0 lead early but the Cats came back to score two more and their goalie successfully rebuked our attempts to get more goals.  I forgot to look at the scoresheet after the game to see how many shots on goal we made, but it seemed like we at least gave it the ol’ college try!

I don’t think I played as well as I did last night — Kira didn’t sleep well last night so I was pretty tired despite a nap — but I had some really good opportunities.  I hit the post twice and had a few good runs up the ice.  I tried to remember to take my time (yesterday’s lesson) and it worked pretty well.

Next game: tomorrow at 6:15pm.

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