Midget Stig and Stig-In-Training

April and Susan wanted to do another photo shoot — who am I to stand in the way of greatness?  They came over on Sunday night and set up the mini studio in our driveway.

(photo copyright Susan Fisher)

Yeah, that’s all nice and good, but we’ve already done a Midget Stig photoshoot, haven’t we?  We need something different.  What do we have lying around that’s cute and photogenic?  I know!  The baby!

(photo copyright Susan Fisher)

Oh hello there baby!

Baby duly acquired, we got around to the business of the photoshoot.

As per usual, I have no idea what the technical details of the shoot were.  There was a bed sheet on a stand and a few lights and people crawling about on the ground in the driveway.  My job in the Midget Stig shoots is to stand there and smize.  See, all those hours watching America’s Next Top Model were not in vain.

(Following three photos copyright April Tse.  No stealie.)

I think this next one is ultimately my favorite.  She is the cutest little Stig-in-training in the whole world.  Not that I’m biased or anything.

Those sun stars are totally not fake, either.  I saw the pics immediately after shooting right on the camera display screen and that’s really what it looked like.   That’s my baby: farting sunbeams.

The ATGATT enthusiasts amongst us will note sadly that we have no Baby Stig outfit for Kira yet….I’m thinking matching Halloween outfits.   🙂

I must point out that I haven’t actually ridden at all again yet.  I’m hoping to get the OK from my doctor at my 6 week postpartum appointment next week.  In the meantime, I’m just thrilled that the Teiz suit fits again!

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