Nice ride home from work

Holy crap, you guys, I’m a bad blogger.  I’m three entries behind again.  OK, this’ll be a pictures-only entry again, which are vaguely boring but will have the desired effect of getting me merely two entries behind.  It’s important to have goals.

As I mentioned in my last post, when I reviewed the Teiz suit, I was at work on a Saturday afternoon. Coincidentally, that’s exactly where I am now, too.  Maybe now I only blog from war rooms.  Anyway, after that Saturday at work, I decided to take a nice ride home on back streets.

My coworkers clearly have impeccable taste in motorcycles.

How you can tell you live in Silicon Valley…though, to be fair, this is the gas station right at campus and Steve probably was here a lot.

Stevens Canyon Road is near our old house and I used to ride here all the time.  I hadn’t been back since hurting my back, so it was really nice to start out in Cupertino and be close enough to visit some of these roads again.

As Stevens Canyon continues into the foothills, it becomes a narrow one-lane road that runs parallel to Stevens Creek.

You can kinda see the creek down there near the rocks.  Depth perception fail.

One of the great joys in my life is crawling around on dirty creek banks in my nice white suit in order to set up my mini tripod for photos, so that’s what I did.

A day without a MidgetStig photo is a day without sunshine.

From Stevens Canyon, I headed vaguely northerly in the direction of home, taking back roads and generally puttering around.  I took a few photos on Moody Road because I felt it was the right thing to do, but mostly I just enjoyed riding and not being at work any more. 😉


Ubiquitous self-portraits:

I didn’t record the ride length but I think it was probably about 55 miles.  Much nicer than taking the interstate home.

(Boooya, only two entries to go to be caught up and it’s looking like I’ll be at work all day…looking promising!)

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