XT225 tires

There's a tire survey currently on XT225.com.  Here's my post.

  •    Type of riding you do (on/off road mix)

60%/40% (on/off road)

  • Tire size

Front: 90/90-21
Rear: 120/80-18

  • Tire make/model

Metzeler Sahara 3

  • Price w/date

Total would be $241.90 (plus tax, S&H) if ordered 12/3/08

  • Where purchased (include link if available)

Southwest Moto Tires

  • How many miles you've used the tires

~800 miles

  • Indicate front and/or rear


  • Wet, dry, mud performance as applicable

Dry pavement: Excellent. 
Wet pavement: Very good.
Dry dirt: Excellent.
Mud: Very good. 
Rocks: Very good.

  • Your comments, recommendations, observations and review.

These are my favorite tires for my kind of riding on the XT225. If I did 100% off roading, I would want something knobbier, like the Kenda Trakmaster, but the Saharas are perfect for dualsporting.  

  • Any other information you deem helpful



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