Puck Ewes vs Wee Ninja: 0-1

Well, I finally got an assist this season…too bad it was for the other team! Doh!  I poked the puck away from an oncoming wing and it deflected right to the other wing, who then brought it in and scored.  Oops!

It was a fun game with very hard skating.  Jeannie and I were the only centers , which is rough at Fremont anyway, and both of us were totally gassed by the end of the game. 

My skating was better thanks to Steph's advice at public skate last week and stick-and-shoot on Saturday.  Keeping my knees out does make a huge difference.

I'm still impatient with my shot. I feel like I've been working on it forever with no noticeable improvement.  Rarrrr.  It's not frustrating, per se, as much as I'm just impatient.  No want sucky shot! Want reliable lift and modicum of power!

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