Impending Burnination!

I'm so excited!!!

My friend Liz asked me to skate for her team, the San Jose Burninators, at the 2009  Las Vegas Women's Hockey Classic!!

I know a ton of people on the team, through NCWHL mostly, and am already bouncing around like a little kid at Christmas.  This will be my first out-of-town tournament and I really hope I do well by the team.  They've all been playing together as a tournament team for years and I'm being all junior high school about fitting in and being part of the "cool crowd".  Hee.

It looks like I'll be playing D for the team, likely with Andrea.  That will rock earth.  I got 3 assists in our Team Danger game last night so hopefully my D fu will remain strong and I'll be useful at burninating the countryside, too.

So. Very. Excited.  Oh my.

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6 Responses to Impending Burnination!

  1. toddrod says:

    that’s pretty coool! I hope you stay at the Luxor, cuz you guys can go to Mandalay Bay next door, and eat at all those good restaurants.

  2. carolyn says:

    Todd — I’ll be staying off the strip this time, with some teammates. The Luxor is totally my favorite place to stay on the strip, though, closely followed by the Sahara. I love the Persian Bazaar mall there. 😀
    Ken — Ha, too bad I’m already in the crapper as far as vacation days go in 2009. 😉

  3. carolyn says:

    Ken, it’s sort of creepy that you research my employer’s locations. 😉

  4. Ken Haylock says:

    Ah! Sorry! Not much research – I just Googled ‘Microsoft Las-Vegas’ and it was about the third entry down.
    My network of stalker spy satellites wasn’t even required…

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