Puck Ewes vs Red Menace: 2-0

The Puck Ewes had a good game last night against Red Menace.  They outplayed us through most of the first and second periods but we got in the game and sped up quite a bit towards the end. 

Sheila in particular had a fantastic game and had all kinds of speed going into the third. 🙂 She's really going to improve quickly this season and is already a great asset to the team!

I was pretty well useless, unfortunately…I was playing center and, while I did get in some peoples' ways down in our defensive end, I really didn't do much offensively.  I think I forgot everything Felicia told me. :(  Ah well, keep trying, keep trying.

I am working on moving my feet more and making quick explosive starts.  Last night the result primarily seemed to be falling on my ass a lot, but hopefully if I keep practicing, there will be less falling and more good skating.

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