An Open Letter.

To Whoever Knocked Into My Bike and Broke Off His Noodly Appendage:

The revenge of the FSM will be swift and merciless. Oh yes it shall.

Now you make me have to find my superglue and, perhaps, a better place
on the bike to show my devotion.




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7 Responses to An Open Letter.

  1. Sandi says:

    Two blogs in one day…is that extra credit? 😉 Sorry about your noodly appendage.

  2. Viv says:

    Oh man, someone’s gonna git smote, big time!

  3. Ken haylock says:

    “Vengeance is mine… with extra tomato sauce” sayeth the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
    Sadly, the specificity of the damage leads me to suspect that this wasn’t an accident, but was actually some religious fundie trampling on your religious freedom of expression through the medium of deliberate vandalism.
    Surely it is past time to round up the noodly brethren and set a burning plate of meatballs on his or her front lawn…

  4. Ken Haylock says:

    Sorry, just a quick comment to restore my missing capital ‘H’ for all future commentary :-).

  5. carolyn says:

    >Sadly, the specificity of the damage leads me
    >to suspect that this wasn’t an accident
    Oh, no, I’m sure it was an accident.
    The curve of the Givi bag caused the Noodly Appendage to stick out a bit and I park in a high-foot traffic area at work.

  6. Ken Haylock says:

    Oh, right!
    Well, you know what you need to do now… the FSM is a public domain deity, and you can’t be sued for making your own representation of his noodly magnificence, so what you need to do, I suggest, is get yourself down to Tech shop and manufacture yourself a new FSM using more durable materials, in a size that will fit properly on your Givi case, and more pertinently, incorporating the correct bend so that it follows the profile of your Givi case and can be bolted solidly to it without any protruding noodly appendages to snap off or snag in future…

  7. Red says:

    Someone bumped against your bike and didn’t even leave a note? Now that’s just rude.

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