Team Danger vs Day Case: 3-3

We didn't lose! We didn't lose! 😀

We had a great game last night; everyone played well and the team seems to be gelling.  

I played left wing again and tried to incorporate Felicia's teachings…I got an assist, so something must have stuck. 😉  

I think I'm going to eventually like playing wing.  Right now it's tough for me since I pretty much always feel out of position…but that's how I felt when I started playing center, too, and I eventually reached a base level of competence there. 😉  

I'm excited to be able to play any position on the ice.  Well, not goalie.  I'm not sure how well a 5'1", size 4 goalie would work.  Maybe if I could do the splits like Nabby can. 😉
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