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Ironing reflective tape onto gear

It's been driving me nuts for a while that my FirstGear HT overpants, while awesome, didn't have any reflective bits on the backs of the legs. Fortunately, a trip to Joann Fabrics made everything better. Clicky clicky for the write-up

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An Open Letter.

To Whoever Knocked Into My Bike and Broke Off His Noodly Appendage: The revenge of the FSM will be swift and merciless. Oh yes it shall. Now you make me have to find my superglue and, perhaps, a better place … Continue reading

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Puck Ewes vs Red Menace: 2-0

The Puck Ewes had a good game last night against Red Menace.  They outplayed us through most of the first and second periods but we got in the game and sped up quite a bit towards the end.  Sheila in … Continue reading

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Team Danger vs Day Case: 3-3

We didn't lose! We didn't lose! 😀 We had a great game last night; everyone played well and the team seems to be gelling.   I played left wing again and tried to incorporate Felicia's teachings…I got an assist, so … Continue reading

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Felicia’s School for Wayward Hockey Girls

I wanted to jot down a few of the tips that Felicia gave me last night before my muddled brain lost them forever. 😉 DefenseFor the most part, I had the defense positioning understood (good thing, since I've been playing … Continue reading

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