Labor Day Tournament: Game 1

Our Ice Oasis tournament team is officially "A1" but we're unofficially
"the NCWHL team". Somehow, me, Wendy, Nora, Chris, and Trista all ended
up on A1…probably because the tournament coordinator didn't know any
of us. ;) 

The rest of the team consists of Peter, Chris's husband Greg, Chris and
Greg's friend Rick, a father-son D pair named Karl and Kelly, and an Ice
Oasis skater named Adam. 

We tied our first game 4-4 but were ahead for most of the game — at
lease until the other team's ringer kicked it up a notch towards the
end. ;) 

Wendy and I were a great D pair; we each had some really great moves
against the other team. 

All in all, a really fun game and a great start to the tournament! Next
game is at 5:30pm tonight.
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