Summer season is over; long live Fall-Winter season!

Last night was our last Sister Act game, boo!  We ended the season 17-1, so I guess we were pretty good. 😉  I scored 5 goals over ~15 games…not bad (of course, three of those goals were in one game, so maybe I need to work on spreading the love out a little bit)!

Before the Sister Act game, I subbed for Andrea's team, OMG.  Unbeknownst to me, April was there and took some awesome pics!  With her permission, here are the latest and greatest in Hockey With Carolyn:

I'm in white:


Taking off to skate somewhere:


Wooo, I'm on my edges!


Tracey knocks me on my ass! 😀


Hahaha, I look like I'm plotting revenge (probably against Tracey):


Taking a face-off:


Next season starts at the end of September….I can't wait!
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